Thursday, July 30, 2015

WARP, CONVERGENCE This is England 90 on C4, Guardian exclusive trailer

Despite the down at heel, working class focus of the franchise, interesting to see Warp linking up not with a tabloid but rather the broadsheet Guardian, with its ABC1 readership.
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Their exclusive access to the trailer is something I learned about via Warp's Facebook updates. That's no longer anything remarkable, but is a good, clear example nonetheless of how deeply bedded in the disruptive force of convergence is - and a neat example to boot of how Indies can utilise new and old media alike to compete with their moneyed studio rivals.
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Should be another great series - and would it be any surprise if a further, possibly final, instalment turned out to be a KickStarter, crowd-funded movie, following the path carved out by the likes of Veronica Mars - truly obliterating the audience/producer divide, reflecting the stance of web 2.0 theorists like Gauntlett?

ARTICLE: This Is England '90 – exclusive trailer for the Shane Meadows drama.
Noticed when reading other articles a few hours (at 11pm) after posting this that the trailer article had topped the paper's most popular story list. You can read more into this fragment, looking beyond cinema into media ownership, regulation and ideology (see the mediareg blog...): tabloidisation [surely absurd to highlight a past TV show contestant?], leftie republicanism [the article attacks the BBC/ITV's slavish deference to the royals, and praises C4's independence on this], and a leftie slant on a right-wing trope, that of immigrants 'swamping' (a dehumanising term this paper doesn't use) public services, trying to avoid attacking the immigrants


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