Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bollywood-UK links + 'Flash mobs' as film marketing technique

Use the post heading link to go to an interesting article on an alternative to mainstream, paid-for advertising; the example used is from Bollywood, but the concept is universally applicable.
Also useful to consider the increasing blurring of the lines between some Bollywood productions and British cinema, with an increasing number set and/or shot in the UK to help exploit the sizeable emigre market for Bollywood fare - several good articles on this can be found in the Film Guardian site.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nice FilmGdn art on questionable future of British cinema

Can't recommend highly enough that you get the Guardian on Mondays (Media supplement) and Fridays (Film/Music supplement, and usually media-related stories in business section too) for a bit of wider reading, to keep yourself up to date - and to help keep me up to date once you've read it! I've got 45p off vouchers you can have for this purpose.
From last Friday: 'What Creation's US deal means for the future of British cinema' - addresses the key issue of the influence the lucrative American audience has in the decision-making and creative work of British film-makers.