Sunday, November 29, 2009

Warp and WT linked through Distributors

Interesting development I wasn't previously aware of: Optimum Releasing (see wiki and business profile), the company that distributes Warp's films, has been acquired by StudioCanal - yet another link between Warp and WT, and another example of the inability of UK Indies to work entirely free of the net of the Big 6 and Hollywood:
18th May 2007 : Cannes, France - Optimum Releasing / StudioCanal and Lionsgate U.K. announced today they will jointly acquire Elevation Sales. Elevation will now handle the joint sales and distribution of DVD product for both Optimum Home Entertainment and Lionsgate U.K., continuing its growth within the UK home entertainment market. ...
The venture builds upon both distributors' continued growth in the home entertainment sector. As a result of the acquisition, Elevation Sales will become one of the strongest suppliers to the UK home entertainment market with a forthcoming DVD roster including strong mainstream releases such as Saw 4 and Captivity, critically acclaimed successes This is England and The Lives of Others and classic catalogue releases Dirty Dancing and This is Spinal Tap.
 StudioCanal itself lost its operating independence in 2001:
Europe's StudioCanal is set to lose its independence by being delisted from the Paris stock exchange and then folded into Universal Pictures, its stable-mate within the VivendiUniversal empire. ...
Through its original LosAngeles-based filmmaking operation, StudioCanal struck alliances with variousUS producers such as Phoenix Pictures, Bel Air Entertainment, MandalayEntertainment and Spyglass Entertainment, while also co-financing individualfilms such as Paramount's $70m Lucky Numbers. In Europe, StudioCanal is an essential cog in thefilmmaking landscape well beyond its native France, co-financing the productionslate of the UK's Working Title, for example, not to mention this year'sPalme d'Or winner from Italy, The Son's Room. [orig article here]
StudioCanal and Optimum Releasing are the companies you want to be familiar with for the AS exam.
StudioCanal Image S.A. (aka Le Studio Canal+, Canal Plus, Canal + Distribution, and Canal+ Image), is a French-based production and distribution company that owns the third-largest film library in the world. [quoted from]

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