Saturday, October 17, 2009

Slumdog and the growing UK Bollywood scene

I'll add more to this another time, but a quick note on the growing significance of the UK-Indian film scene, which isn't necessarily limited to Bollywood style productions - indeed, there is a question over whether the dominant social realist tradition of UK film-making may be gaining some influence on the sub-continent through the rising number of productions shot in the UK.
Have a look at though you'll also find detailed analysis in a variety of Film Guardian articles with a quick search.

Local Film-making That Goes Under the Radar, and PropellerTV

As some of you will know, PropellerTV is a Leeds-based Sky digital channel that screens short films and music videos. Its worth having a look at two examples of productions that have been screened on the channel (though their length might bar one from being considered a 'short' by some, including the Oscar organisers!); there is a level of film-making which exists at a financial level well below even the likes of the Warp X circa £1m budgets.


One Hundred and Ten Percent

Partially as it links into the research you need to do to show your grasp of the instiutional context of film, but also because its simply intriguing, check out

For similar reasons, but also as it might inspire some of the more energetic and ambitious amongst you, have a look at this: - a quite extraordinary record of/resource for amateur/hobbyist film-makers in one overlooked corner of England