Saturday, July 11, 2015

FRANCHISE Star Wars another Disney universe of extended narrative

I've blogged in some detail on the highly converged 'Marvel universe', with characters criss-crossing cinema, TV, games and an even wider world of UGC.

Another Disney acquisition demonstrating the importance of good production practices as much as distribution might and marketing nous is the Star Wars franchise that creator George Lucas threatened to run aground with the weak prequels and CGI messing with the original trilogy.

I don't think there's ANY franchise to rival the excitement this one generates, and its a near certainty that the box office charts will be headed by not just the new trilogy but the additional spin-offs, such as the story of Hans Solo, and the raid that got the Death Star plans before that climactic Skywalker shot.

Even the awful prequel trilogy racked up $2.5bn. It would be little  surprise for the first new movie to equal that alone - this is a movie many fans will pay to see repeatedly.

Star Wars: the marketing force awakens

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