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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ilkley's Coz Greenop - £30k debut Wandering Rose

****  Director Corrie Greenop will be in IGS to talk to students, and take questions, about his experiences in the film industry, from self-producing his debut feature and striking a US distribution deal after a successful pitch in Cannes, to getting offers for new productions. Lunchtime, Wednesday 25th March in K5. Feel free to bring cold food and drinks, but no hot food or drinks! ****
  • Corrie was a Media student here at Ilkley Grammar, who went on to film school and is now completing a MA centred on screenplay writing
  • He self-financed and self-produced his directorial debut, Wandering Rose, a horror movie
  • It was filmed in Scotland, following an offer of assistance from Scottish agencies and failure to get such co-operation from Yorkshire agencies
  • Shot in just 12 days, it was produced for a mere £30k!
  • The setting may have had aesthetic appeal but also presented practical challenges: the small cast and crew alike had to help out lugging the filming equipment around, not least up a steep hill or
    The US distributor changed the film title!
  • The film features another former IGS Media student, Theo Wightman (pictured below), whose own film-making talent can be seen in his Media productions The Cellar  and Party to Hell (a slasher film opening and trailer), as a cast and key crew member. 
  • Coz took the financial gamble of attending the Cannes Film Festival, highly prestigious but equally expensive, and this, along with a specially-arranged London screening, paid off with distribution deals in the can for DVD and VoD releases
  • The US distributor decided to change the film's name (see the IMDB entry); this may not be an accurate reflection of Coz's vision, but may yet pay dividends with enhanced sales...
  • Coz is now in talks with production companies to take on much higher budget projects
Please note: the BBFC rating is tbc; based on the US rating, this could be 15, but may end up as 18. The trailer below contains no graphic imagery, but does reflect the theme of horror, and could be considered as fitting the BBFC 12 rating.


Former IGS Media student Theo Wightman appeared in front of the camera, but also played a crucial role as a production assistant behind it too (photo: Wandering Rose site)
US distribution for a micro-budget British Indie - not bad! But then...
...there's a name change and markedly different approach to marketing to deal with!
The movie won multiple awards from Horror blogs/(e-)zines, and was picked for several film festivals too ...
...which certainly helped persuade investors to entrust him with a multi-£m second feature!
Here's the Amazon (US) listing.

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