Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2014 Exam: Downton Abbey/Cinema Hardware

Below is the script of an A-grade exam from an IGS student, analysing the representation of class and status in a Downton Abbey clip (it can't be embedded) and answering the British Cinema question:
The increases in hardware and content in media industries has been significant in recent years. discuss the effect this has had on institutions and audiences in the media area you have studied.

Here's the actual exam paper (click to enlarge or click here)

You can read the Examiner's Report below; this analyses what students did well in and what they struggled with, covering coursework as well as both parts of the exam. As there are  many coursework options, you need to look for the video section on coursework.

If you want to try another D.Abbey clip, here's another (nearly 6mins long).

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