Tuesday, September 15, 2015

This is England research task

In Media Studies we don't simply consider the final product; 'the' text is just part of what we consider. To fully appreciate how and why the media language of a film takes the form and direction it does, we need to be aware of wider, contextual factors - marketing and distribution, production company/ies profiles, director record, box office, editionalising (eg director's cut on DVD), etc.

This short task, followed by a series of screenshots you can save and blog on, will get you started on this investigative path.

I have frequently blogged on this film and the wider franchise; you can find more posts using the tag, though I'm still working my way through 100s of posts across multiple blogs retro-tagging (as I only started tagging relatively recently).

IMDB This is England entry.
BoxOfficeMojo This is England entry.


Save these shots and add to a post called 'This is England: analysis of screenshots from the opening scene'.
Click publish.
Go through LAYOUT to add a gadget, and find and select 'links list'. Call this 'Openings Analyses: General', and add this post. Save, and then drag this down back below your blog archive on the right-hand side. You'll see this appearing on your blog.

Save the images - on a Mac, CTRL-Click, on PC right-click - then embed in a post.
TIP: always add ... below the last image/video in a post, so you'll be able to continue typing later with our problems. Also:
TIP2: Blogger puts captions to small font size by default; you should highlight text and change it to normal (or even large at times). Click on the image to see the 'Add Caption' option.
Above and below; you can find such 3x3 screenshot grids for many films online [default small fontAbove and below; you can find such 3x3 screenshot grids for many films online [changed to normal font]

View and note the titles in the order they appear

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