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Monday, August 24, 2015

NBC-Universal updates: Guardian RSS feed added

This blog has a lot of gadgets and links lists ... and I've just added another (to appear under the 'Followers' gadget in the right margin for now): a constantly updated (that's what an RSS feed is/does) list of the latest 5 articles from the Guardian on NBC-Universal, majority stakeholder of Working Title alongside many other subsidiaries, notably StudioCanal (who are involved in the financing of most WT productions).
Many newspapers/magazines offer 'micro-sites', gathering stories on one topic

The more you independently read such material, perhaps timetabling this once a week/fortnight/month as preferred, the wider your understanding of the industry (and grasp of the range of terminology, especially, in this case, business/economic) will grow...
You get a good sense of the scope of NBC-U by browsing this microsite

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