Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Working Title referenced as byword for bland

Spotted the WT reference in this opinion piece*, which worries that the push for global audiences will see TV sitcom producers squeeze the distinctively British characteristics out of 'our' TV, hoping to make the shows easy to sell to foreign markets, especially America:
Pulling was a classic British sitcom in that it was riven with self-loathing, and its situation – the gap between its characters’ desire to pull and their capacity to do so – inherently fraught and fruitful.In Catastrophe, Horgan plays a woman who gets pregnant after a brief fling with a visiting American, played by the standup Rob Delaney. Already, this feels Working Title-ready: a sit- that more readily begets rom than com. Then there’s the detail.In, say, the similarly plotted Knocked Up there was some tension over whether a groomed high-flier and an unemployed stoner would be able to make it to the delivery room. In Catastrophe they seem ideally suited from the get-go. He’s a successful businessman who wants to move to the UK, marry her and sit through awful suppers with her friends. They are a happy couple expecting a baby. They have hot sex and give each other justifiable compliments. This is not how I want my British sitcoms to be.I don’t want them to be like Friends – soaps in disguise, scripted by a crack squad of gag writers. I don’t want them to be Americanised; to be glossy and hopeful.
I wonder if this will catch on, WT as a byword for 'British' media productions rendered culturally void by the process of Americanising to boost export potential?
[*SOURCE: The push for a global audience could be a catastrophe for British sitcoms by Catherine Shoard, http://gu.com/p/453cc]

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