Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Researching and analysing budgets

This post links into a lesson looking at production practices, especially with regards to budget and digitisation, and impact on 'box office'.
You will be tasked with researching actual budgets and box office yourselves, and perhaps looking up some further figures to help with a pitch of your own idea later...
Use 1 or more of the sites below to help with this - click on the TEXT link to go to the link, holding in the CMD key so it opens in a new tab:

Yes (and it's pretty good for these purposes! They often use boxofficemojo figures!) ...
You will ultimately be delivering a quicker pitch, applying some of your learning today and striving to come up with a workable idea in a very short space of time!

Want to learn more NOW about how media, in this case film (we study several industries!) work? We have been offered the chance to get IGS students on the guest list for this event - if interested, let me know and I can add your name!

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