Monday, May 14, 2012

TSSpy marketing

This is a good example of marketing using social media, and a viral campaign.
The official website:
The company that designed it on behalf of StudioCanal: This is what they said about the campaign (and the background video they also included)

To mark the nationwide release of box office hit Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Impact was commissioned by film distribution company Studio Canal to create a guerrilla marketing campaign to support the movie launch and boost online word-of-mouth. This took place in the week prior to the movie’s release date on 16th September 2011.

The campaign saw  Tom, Stephen, Paul and Dave from the Impact Promotions team disguised as 1970′s spies, surreptitiously disseminating leaked dossiers on tube carriages, public benches, window sills, pub tables and other unexpected locations around town.
Our Secret Agents targeted London’s main transport hubs and railway stations, mingling with commuters and tourists at departure boards inside Liverpool Street,Waterloo and Charing Cross stations.
Following client brief, the team focused their efforts on mature and affluent ABC1 audiences, especially commuters and city professionals. All demographic groups targeted responded very positively to the promotion, seeming genuinely intrigued by the leaked dossiers and elaborate spy costumes. In their role as spies, the team actively engaged with the public, asking questions such as: ‘Did you drop this?’ and ‘What is the code word?’ or ‘Have you seen the Mole?’.
The campaign was linked to an online Facebook competition which allowed users to post photos of the found secret dossiers on the movie’s fan page for a chance to win film memorabilia. The activity contributed to generate 7000 subscribers within its first week of opening, with dozens of positive comments and candid photos of the leaked dossiers at various locations in London.

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