Thursday, May 14, 2009

What's All This Then?

Across the year a variety of handouts are distributed, which I'll start making available through this blog, but there are a great deal of additional materials you may wish to access. These include case studies of films we've looked at (and many we haven't), useful links and suggestions for further reading, and overviews of relevant concepts and theories linked to the study of cinema.
For 2008-9 there are significant overlaps between an exam sat by the A2 and that sat by AS, so I'll make most of this available to all, with some additional points (including tips and guidance on exams, and past questions) specific to AS or A2 kept in a separate posting.
If you come across any materials or resources you think would be useful, please pass on the details. The same goes for any ideas, suggestions or comments you may have.

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