Friday, September 22, 2017

FRANCHISE Universal rev up £25m Fast Furious live show

Guardian feature
Disney are the kings of brand extension, with Disneyland a big business in its right and the Pirates of... franchise a neat reversal in being a movie spin-off from a Disneyland feature.

Universal are staking a claim as the barons of franchise extension though, with their own theme parks, multiple TV adaptations of movies (eg About a Boy by WTTV), theatrical adaptations (notably Billy Elliot, a big hit, and Bridget Jones, both spun off from Working Title productions).

Nice quote here which gives you an insight into constructing and analysing target audiences...
The three British producers successfully pitched it to Universal Pictures, the films’ producer, more than four years ago.French insisted the show will appeal to a wider audience than young men who can’t get a girlfriend. “It’s like what Cirque du Soleil did for circus. You don’t just have to like watching cars doing endless burn-ups and doughnuts to be interested.”Is it sexist to suggest that it is only men who like fast cars? “My wife would certainly say so, she is a fast car lover.”The movies star shaven-headed muscle men such as Vin Diesel and The Rock but also have many alpha female characters, notably Michelle Rodriguez, who plays the best driver, Letty.

To put the £25m budget of their Fast and Furious live stadium show, which will tour the world for the next 5 years, Warp Films' biggest budget (by far!) is the £8m '71.

I've made the point repeatedly but it's an illuminating one: try to imagine the This is England theme park attraction (sit in Shaun's bedroom with its peeling wallpaper? travel through the graffiti-covered tunnel where Shaun meets Woody and co? or pray in the church/hut adorned with Maggie is a twat?), or the Tyrannosaur ride (featuring re-enactment of brutal domestic violence and dog killing?).

Working Title are producing commercial movies for their big six conglomerate parent NBCUniversal, Warp are producing movies largely funded by grants from the UKFC/BFI/National Lottery and commissions from Film4/BBC Films, under little pressure to achieve high box office returns.

WIKI - Supercharged ride at Universal theme park.

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