Thursday, May 21, 2015

Working Title and Warp - selected box office stats

As I've written on/discussed these elsewhere, I'll simply add the screenshots. You would never try to remember all, but rather pick out a few, looking for one or more of:
  • the total UK box office
  • the total US box office
  • the rough % of world box office the US (or UK) represents
  • the length of run [how many weeks it was in cinemas for] - especially useful looking at Indie films that basically tour the arthouse circuit with a limited number of prints
  • the number of screens
  • if the Gant Rule can be seen with the figures
  • the number of countries it got theatrical distribution in (many WT films get 40+; World's End was notably quite disappointing)
You can find some tallies and notes on this in both the Warp pack and the list of WT films


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