Monday, November 10, 2014

Working Title franchising: new Bridget Jones, About a Boy TV series...

It is abundantly clear when we compare Warp Films With Working Title that the former's typically no-star, low budget (predominately) social realist slate does not lend itself to sequels/prequels/re-imaginings, although This is England is a notable exception, with a possible second film to add to the existing film and two TV series. WT's slate is full of franchises: Elizabeth, Bean, Bridget Jones, Nanny McPhee... its a long list.

...And it is about to get longer! Adapting films for TV is nothing new - the Coen brothers' Fargo is enjoying new life as a US TV series, and as noted above This is England has enjoyed two sequel TV series so far. WTTV is an increasingly important Working Title subsidiary, with big-name directors and stars increasingly viewing TV as at least on a par with cinema, a dramatic reversal of years past. Have a look at Working Title's IMDB entry and you'll find ever more TV entries in there. Amongst these is a new series for - naturally! - NBC in America: About a Boy is now a US TV series.

BJD3 has long been in 'development hell'
I've blogged before on the on-off nature of BJD3, which has happened as a book and musical, but not yet as a film. Now it seems there might be a next-gen or re-boot of the franchise (though it could just as easily be a domestic Bridget story...), with the listing of a 2017 production, Bridget Jones's Baby. Lead star Zellweger has of course been in the news recently for a startling new appearance.
WT has a busy film production slate; no mention on the WT IMDB entry (on IMDBPro perhaps?) of BJB, tho' there is a link!
Some re-branding, as with the abandoning of the 'WT2' label? This is for 'Working Title TV'; WTTV is below
The WTTV listing.

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