Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Digitisation: links + points from past posts TBC

In no particular order for now:

[TOWID: The Only Way is Digital] UK download revenues (includes music, TV and video games) topped £1bn in 2012; will Skyfall's record of topping £100m UK box office ever be beaten ... is cinema facing a decline on the level of the press and music industries?

[Hollywood encourages piracy?] Hollywood's treatment of online renters/streamers is encouraging piracy argues David Pogue in The Scientific American.

[NEW: DPunch dir Olly Blackburn on HD advantages over film] "Of course there’s still a place for film, I love film, just because it looks beautiful. I was trained on film, I edited film with a knife! I love working on film, but I had such a good experience of working on HD here. If a low budget film uses this technology, the [possibilities] are endless. Much of that comes from working in commercials, you find yourself in the cutting room wondering what this button does, or that one. If you have the right people working on a low budget digital film, you can come up with amazing things. I’d recommend it to younger filmmakers."

[NEW: All Tomorrow's Parties] Interesting as an example of digitisation in full effect: ‘All Tomorrow's Parties is a 2009 documentary film directed by All Tomorrow's People and Jonathan Caouette covering the history of the long running All Tomorrow's Parties music festival. Described as a "post-punk DIY bricolage", the film was created using footage generated by the fans and musicians attending the events themselves, on a multitude of formats including Super8, camcorder and mobile phone. All Tomorrow's People is a name representing the contributions of these attendees.’
Furthermore, it inspired 4 short film projects funded through Kickstarter.com in 2011, the online site where you can post a pitch and seek funding: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/613961261/from-atp-four-short-films-by-vincent-moon  [Wiki].

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