Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Co-Ops + Indie Cinemas in UK

The iPad isn't great for blogging, so at another time I'll develop a links list on this - a topic you need to be able to say something on for your exam, and to be able to claim to truly understand the business of British Cinema and how it interacts with the audience. Whilst the warehouse style and scale multiplexes have now long dominated UK cinemas, there are 1500 Indie cinemas, with 500 supported by the BFFS ('the British Federation of Film Societies (BFFS) which represents more than 500 community cinemas and film societies across the UK'). This article seems to be advertorial (it's not made entirely clear, but looks like it to me), but is useful to get a broader understanding of the diversity of exhibition beyond the multiplexes ... and the role, once more, of digitisation in fostering this change and enabling Indie exhibitors (as digital projection is less skilled and cheaper, and crucially financially supported by a UK Film Council fund - at least until that body was scrapped by the coalition government, a questionable decision on economic or cultural grounds):

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