Monday, April 16, 2012

Presentation Hwk for 20th April

Multimedia presentation: “WT is not a British company making British films for a British audience” – discuss with reference to at least 5 WT/WT2 films and using still images/scenes to illustrate your argument. 
 This can be done either as a vodcast or as a Prezi.
  1. Every good piece of academic work will address arguments for and against, so you're trying to find + discuss points that (1) suggest WT is Brit-centric and (2) suggest that actually its focussed on foreign, especially US, audiences.
  2. Your work for this should reflect the exam markscheme, incorporating EAA (explanation, analysis, argument); use of examples; use of terminology.
  3. That means you back up your points with examples - references to specific films (scenes/shots - semiotic detail; budgets/box office; director/auteur; cast/use of stars; marketing etc) - using specific terminology where appropriate. 
  4. As its a multimedia presentation, visual evidence is vital: as with your blog work, this means screenshots (and clips where possible too).
  5. It will help with point 1 if you pick out one film you think is especially British, and one you think is especially un-British.
  6. That leaves three - make sure at least one is WT2.
  7. This task should be seen as vital exam preparation, so pick out titles you think you'd like to focus on with your exam response.
  8. Some older films are fine; but make sure some of these are contemporary and up to date (Paul, which I've blogged on, is a useful one, but that was a year ago and there have been more WT releases since!)
  9. You may wish to make brief reference to Warp, to set up a binary opposition/show what a more typical British co is like
  10. Think of the types of topic you need to address when looking at each film: budget/box office (+ WTs unique link to the big 6) [tbc]

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