Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Why so few Brit flicks about teen girls?

Jane Graham in a Film Guardian article poses the question:
'Are teenage girls too hot to handle?
There are lots of hilarious British films about teenage boys. But unlike the US, we don't do girl-centred comedy. Why?'
The box-office success of The Inbetweeners Movie may have taken the film industry by surprise, but for many of its audience it was a no-brainer. A funny, frank film about adolescence that got everything right – the phoney, peer-pleasing, "street" jargon; the perpetually nagging fear of inadequacy, perked up by flashes of hope and well-oiled fantasy; the humiliations ladled out by bodies commanded by the whiff of sex. Why wouldn't film-lovers flock to see such a formative part of their lives recreated so authentically, to spend a couple of happy hours revelling in "thank God it's not just me" camaraderie (for youngsters) or "thank God it's over" nostalgia (for older ones)?
Well, one reason might be that they are female. Many saw our male counterparts weep with laughter and recognition at The Inbetweeners, and thought: "I must dig out some DVDs that bring back memories of my hilariously embarrassing, hormone-addled schooldays." A browse of the video cabinet and LoveFilm.com brought it home; there aren't any British films meeting that need.

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