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[I meant to post this here, not on the AS blog, but need to post it again as there are some resits - and this material is useful for aspects of the A2. A2 students should also look up another post on the AS blog centred on marketing, which includes a range of PowerPoints on specific WT films: http://asmedia0910.blogspot.com/2009/12/marketing-wts-productions.html]

I'm hoping to revise the following docs, and provide briefer essay plans for the questions from the two sittings thus far of this exam, but to ensure you've got enough to work ahead on the following should help. If you want any of these photocopied let me know and I'll do sets for both classes.

JAN 2009
Section B: Institutions and Audiences
Answer the question below, making detailed reference to examples from your case study material to support points made in your answer.
Discuss the issues raised by an institution’s need to target specific audiences within a media industry which you have studied.
Candidates must choose to focus on one of the following media areas though you may make reference to other media where relevant to your answer.
- Film
- Music
- Newspapers
- Radio
- Magazines
- Video games

JUNE 2009
Discuss the ways in which media products are produced and distributed to audiences, within a media area, which you have studied.

There is already one update to add: NBC-Universal has been bought from its owners, GE (General Electric) by Comcast. They're buying a controlling 51% stake (leaving GE with 49% of the shares) for $30bn (thats £18bn) - though this creates such a large company that doubts have been raised as to whether it will be permitted.
See: Comcast to take control of NBC Universal
• Deal includes NBC's TV network and Universal Pictures
• Critics express concerns over monopoly and stifled creativity
Comcast-NBC Universal deal faces regulatory hurdle
Federal commissioner says tie-up faces 'a very steep climb' in effort to create powerful new force in American broadcasting
Plus the NBC-Universal section of the Guardian site

This is quite a detailed overview; it would be an idea to create your own, briefer version, but this is a useful resource nonetheless:
As Exam Brit Cinema Revision Guide                                                                                                                                            

This doc tries to specifically highlight the differences (and some similarities) between Warp and WT. If I get the time I will add the last three sections, but there is already a lot to work on in this:
Wt Warp Comparison Grid Draft1                                                                                                                                            

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